The Primary goal of motorcycle riding gear is to save the driver from injuries. Motorcycle shielding clothing Include helmet, the motorcycle Jacket, leather Trousers and Boots. Motorcycle leather jackets are by and large sported for their protective covering value but at the same time it has the perfect blend of style and fashion. The motorcycle jacket has came a long way from its rebel origins, and the fashion industry introduce biker jacket as the next everyday piece in the outerwear arsenal. It goes with everything, from jeans to a Casual dress, the fashion industry insists. You can wear it almost anywhere. It is a must  item to have in collection: Leather Motorcycle Jackets, A combination of style and protection.

In early age leather is used as a protect gear  whether its war or winter. Stoneage people use leather because is strong , durable and warm. Slowly but steadily with the  growing fashion industries more and more diversification occur in designing safety gears to obtain the strength,durability, style and attraction as the same time.

The biker jacket's journey from niche to mainstream acceptance follows a time-honored fashion-industry maneuver in which an item is reinterpreted in different fabrics, price points and for a wide variety of occasions, from sporty and casual to evening wear. In other words: Leave no shopper behind. Women, the industry hopes, will no longer have an excuse that they have nowhere to wear such an item or nothing to wear it with. The trench coat has taken a similar journey, as have shorts and sweatpants, and more recently grunge era-inspired plaid shirts.